Americans Get Ready for ‘Beersgiving’


Rapidly approaching is American Thanksgiving, held in 10 days time.

The Canadians already dined, indulged, and thanked in October, so did the Germans with the Erntedankfest and the Liberians with their Thanksgiving. None of these countries though seemed to celebrate the add-on of ‘Beersgiving’ as do the Americans.

According to the pre-holiday event is frequently referenced as  ‘the most magical time of the year’. If you thought that it would be Christmas, you would be wrong.

The community definition outlines how Beersgiving is “usually celebrated the day before Thanksgiving when friends visit the place of their upbringing and go out to the bar before having to see their parents, grandparents, uncles/aunts, cousins, and other individuals who may be visiting. This night of debauchery typically leads to the next day’s Thanksgiving being significantly mellowed and a time for rest and reflection of what truly to be thankful for.”

Findings by the group Kelton Research, showed that over 80 million Americans spend the night reconnecting with old friends, with over 1/3 toasting their friendships over a beer.  Over half of consumers surveyed say they look forward to Beersgiving.

(The same group also found that almost 40% of Americans would prefer to knock back a beer in the spirit of Thanksgiving rather than consume a slice of pumpkin pie.)

Our own research shows that the first-ever Beersgiving was held at Chicago’s Billy Goat Tavern in 2009. One of the traditions being that you must give a beer to a total stranger on Beersgiving.

This year Miller Lite, the beer company is sponsoring Beersgiving parties nationwide with over $50,000 in beer certificates.

group photos, by symic and apes_abroad, creative commons



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